Rodzaje bram garażowych

Types of garage doors

Types of garage doors. The garage is always the main place to protect and care for your car. It can be placed both outside the house and directly integrated into the overall architecture of the house. As you know, no room can reliably protect a car without a good garage door.

The problem of choice sooner or later faces every garage owner. This choice is influenced by the size of the garage and the availability of free space in front of it, as well as the convenience and appearance of the door. They are constantly exposed to mechanical stress, open and close almost daily, and are also exposed to external factors. Their main task is flawless operation in any weather.

Types of garage doors:

  • sectional
  • vane
  • sliding
  • raised
  • pendulum
  • Roll.

Each of these types has its own advantages and you need to choose them depending on your needs.

Sectional garage doors

The genre is quite popular. They can be used for all types of holes. They consist of horizontal panels connected by hinges. When opened, the panels slide vertically upwards and then horizontally along the ceiling. Thanks to this, you do not have to open the door to the outside (snow drifts do not become an obstacle) and you save space in front of the garage, especially if there is limited space. In sectional garage doors, the seal is well made and it is rightly considered warm, and this is an important fact.

Their advantages are:

  • They come in almost every size
  • Well insulated
  • Quiet and easy to open
  • They have a large variety of designs
  • High security.

Wing garage gates

This type is also suitable for many types of garages. Swing garage doors consist of two leaves. These flaps are made of a rigid frame. The gate leaves are attached to the side posts or to the opening with hinges. Such gates can be easily adapted to any opening. They can open both outwards and inwards. The frame of the sheathing can be of various materials. It can be a sheet of metal or a tree and others. An additional door can be made to avoid having to open the door to enter the garage. These doors are especially important in winter as the door cannot be opened after heavy snowfall.

Sliding garage doors

This type is rightly considered convenient and reliable. There are no guide rails on the ground at such gates. They are themselves slightly raised above the ground. Therefore, even with heavy snowfall, it is no problem to open them and get to the garage. And if they have electric drive, they can be opened and closed without leaving the car. For this comfort, only high-quality automation is needed. Sliding garage doors, as well as sectional doors, do not require additional free space in front of the garage to open them.

Sliding gates and their advantages:

      • They have no height restrictions
      • They take up little space
      • Protected against corrosion by polymer paint
      • They look attractive.

Raised garage doors

This type can be used in private garages and industrial premises. The guide rollers of the up-and-over door help to slide the leaf guard vertically (close) and horizontally (open).

Swing gate

In the open position, the door is horizontally under the ceiling, it does not occupy the space in front of the garage.

Their advantages:

      • Increased crack resistance
      • Anti-corrosion protection (made of galvanized metal, painted with powder enamel)
      • Suitable for double garages
      • Easy to open by hand.

Roller garage doors

This type is considered new to the market. Roller garage doors consist of steel strips integrated into a flexible canvas. After opening, the web is folded, wrapped around the roller. This allows for a driveway to the garage. True, there is one limitation, the thickness of the strips should not exceed 25 mm, which makes it difficult to use them in garages with high openings.

A few practical recommendations that will help you avoid mistakes when choosing and buying a garage door

It is necessary to check the reliability of the door coating with polymers. It is advisable to ask what method of galvanizing door parts was used in the selected model, since this moment has a direct impact on corrosion resistance and durability. It is also important to remember about the design of garage door panels.

When polyurethane filler is used in door elements, check that the foam is flammable and that it crumbles under pressure. This is an extremely important moment, because in severe frosts, a good quality filler will prevent the door from cracking. To prevent heat loss from the room, it is necessary to use a strong polymer that can close the intersection joints, as well as seal the side and top gaps.

To avoid getting your fingers caught, choose a gate that has a smooth transition between intersections. As there are occasions when torsion springs are broken or damaged, a locking device must be installed to prevent the door from falling onto the owner or the car. Of course, actions are necessary for their maintenance, which should be carried out in a timely manner: lubrication of movable connecting elements, monitoring the operation of locks.