Wielkie włoskie wakacje

Great Italian vacation.

Polish society is getting richer. Government social programs, low unemployment and good economic conditions mean that the average Polish family has more funds for everyday life, hence the growing expenses for additional attractions. And so more and more families who have spent their holidays in Poland so far can afford exotic, foreign trips. Destinations such as Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Egypt and Italy are becoming more and more popular among Poles. 

The main argument of attracting compatriots in this direction is, of course, predictable weather, warm sea, but also attractive prices and a large hotel base. Nowadays, you can easily find a hotel or apartment in Italy ( Sardinia) at a similar or lower price than a similar facility at the Polish seaside. Unlike the native Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea is a guarantee of better weather and more attractions, from which holidays in Sardinia, Venice or other Italian cities so quickly win the hearts of Poles. It is the paradise Sardinia, romantic Venice and the capital of Italy that attract the most tourists. Below are some useful information on where to spend your vacation in Italy.

What’s worth seeing in Italy?

After making the decision to spend your holidays in Italy, you must still choose the right place – full of attractions and at the same time guaranteeing relaxation. Italy, due to its length, location and history, offers visitors a very wide range of opportunities to spend time. In the north you will find mountain towns and resorts that invite not only fans of winter madness, but also people who like mountain trips in the warmer months. This place is full of postcard views, fabulous landscapes and at the same time a guarantee of peace and relaxation in the bosom of nature.

On the continent itself, it is imperative to visit the capital of Italy. A city full of history and ancient buildings attracts millions of tourists every year. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most charming cities in Europe. What should I see in Rome? First of all, the symbol of this city – the Coloseum – a symbol of ancient games and arena fights. The monuments of the Vatican are also a must. The heart of Christianity invites you to see St. Peter’s Basilica, filled with beautiful frescoes, paintings and sculptures. For sports fans, the city’s football derby can be a real attraction. For years, Lazio Rome and AS Roma have been competing against each other at the highest league level in Italy. These meetings attract thousands of fanatical fans who create great shows.

Venice is a city visited by over 30 million tourists year after year. It is situated on the swampy Adriatic islands and was created by a complex of bridges and canals. Venice is known for them, they are its trademark. The specific architecture and unusual location of the city give it a romantic atmosphere, making it a landscape for many film productions. A beloved attraction is a Venetian gondola cruise along the city’s canals.

In search of paradise beaches and blue sea, you should look for an office that offers trips to Sardinia . The second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea attracts with beautiful ravines, diverse cuisine and majestic fortresses dating back to the 2nd millennium BC. The paradise appearance attracts many movie stars, sports stars and wealthy businessmen who eagerly buy yachts. The capital of Sardinia is Cagliari, a beautiful city combining ancient buildings with modern hotels, narrow streets with the most popular cafes. Holidays in Sardinia are also for fans of gorges and canyons. The most popular of them is Su Gorruppo.

The price of an Italian holiday

Holidays in Sardinia, visiting Rome or sailing the Venetian canals seem to be expensive pastimes. In fact, a trip to Italy can be compared in terms of price to similar trips to Croatia, Egypt or Turkey. On travel agency websites, we can find offers for weekly holidays starting from less than PLN 2,000 per person. Of course, we can also find much more expensive proposals in which we get a better quality hotel in a better location.

When to go on vacation to Italy?

Italy is a country rich in attractions, with a great variety of them. The period of departure should therefore be selected depending on the purpose of the trip, expectations and individual preferences. And yes, winter is the perfect time for all fans of snow madness. Northern Italy is full of luxurious resorts and beautiful slopes. Spring and autumn are the seasons that are perfect for relaxing in Italian resorts and visiting the tourist attractions of Italy. It’s a quieter time, with fewer tourists but with equally beautiful views. Summer is a real paradise for everyone who loves sun, sand and blue sea. The Mediterranean climate, watered with the best wine from Italian vineyards and fed with delicious cuisine, will convince many tourists. When planning your next trip, it is worth considering a vacation in Sardinia, pizzas in Rome and gondolas in Venice. Italy will surely delight you.

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