Co oznacza stan deweloperski mieszkania i czym różni się od tego "pod klucz"

What does the developer state of a flat mean and how does it differ from a turnkey project.

The primary housing market is today the best option for the vast majority of people who decide to buy new apartments in Krakow . No wonder that there are more and more developers with more and more attractive offers. But what does the “developer state” in which they are most often sold by them mean? Well, although everyone associates it with an apartment without only furniture, it may really depend on the contract we are drawing up. So how should we really look?

Development or turnkey?

Generally speaking, new apartments in Krakow in the developer’s condition are those that – in simpler words – are handed over to us in a shell condition. However, this is a very inaccurate statement, because in this case everything depends on the specific developer and the contract we sign with him. Usually, the developer condition is such that the apartment is fully ready for finishing works – there is no need to insulate it, provide any connections or prepare the walls for painting (although not they are painted). The advantage of all this is the fact that we can adjust everything to our own needs, choosing the color of the paint, the type of floor and everything else to suit our needs. The big downside is that the whole thing does not include household appliances, which we have to add to our expenses after buying the apartment itself. Here, however, let us point out again that it all depends on the specific offer and the specific developer – sometimes this home appliance is in the base, and sometimes it can be selected as “an additional package, so that you just don’t worry about it later.

The situation is different when it comes to new turnkey apartments in Krakow . As the name suggests, we get the keys to it and we can move in – all we need to do is buy, bring in and set up the furniture. In such an apartment, the walls are already painted, the floor is laid (of course, everything is made according to our guidelines, which we will declare when signing the contract ), and the entire apartment is already equipped with all household appliances and sanitary equipment, which will be ready for operation. When buying this type of apartment, above all, it is important to ensure that everything is included in the development contract, as detailed as possible, with everything that we want to be marked.

Of course, both of these solutions have their advantages and disadvantages – on the one hand, turnkey apartments do not require us to “play” in choosing equipment that would match the specifics of a given apartment. On the other hand, in an apartment in a developer standard, we can do everything in our own way, exactly as we want, by ourselves. However, if we make a mistake or lead to a defect, we will face additional problems.

Developer condition – what to take care of?

Let’s not kid ourselves – new apartments in Krakow are created primarily with the intention of putting them into service in the developer standard, the most popular among buyers, because the most flexible. But what should we pay attention to when deciding on this type of apartment?

– let’s make sure that the main and partition walls are made of materials from the top price range – if we can, let’s include it in our contract; if the materials used are of poor quality, there may be a problem with soundproofing the apartment, and the walls themselves may require quick renovation; let’s analyze their quality so as not to “stuff”;

– pay attention to what the contract says about the walls – preferably they should be prepared for painting; ideally they will be covered with one layer of white paint, giving us a lot of room to show off – at worst we can get a wall that will be unsmoothed and covered with ordinary plaster – then we have to carry out preparatory work, which will additionally cost us a lot of time, nerves, and often money;

– let’s take care of the window sills – new apartments in Krakow have different types; let’s define in the contract which type suits us best;

– windows – choose the ones that suit us best and tell the developer about it ; PVC or wooden? It depends on us!

– let’s pay attention to the radiators – preferably they should be “ordinary”, not tubular; however, it also depends primarily on our individual preferences;

– let’s make sure that the apartment is insured for as long as possible and make sure that it is already included in the preliminary contract ; we’ll sleep better and we’ll just be prepared for the worst;


When we decide to buy something like a new apartment in Krakow , we really have a lot on our minds. It is not enough just to put a parcel on the contract prepared by the developer – the developer will always want to build our apartment at the lowest possible price. So let’s take care of every detail of this apartment and carefully include it all in the contract. Let us remember that we have the right to demand here – after all, we are the one who pays for the apartment, and in addition, quite a lot of money. Therefore, it is worth being aware of the fact that we decide what our apartment will be like, and the developer is to adapt to it.

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