Zakup maszyn rolniczych: o czym warto pamiętać

Buying agricultural machinery: things to keep in mind

Buying agricultural machinery: things to keep in mind. The beginning of the year is the time when farmers most often decide to buy new machines. It is also a period in which sellers often inflate the prices of some equipment, which certainly makes the final selection difficult.

Where is the best place to buy agricultural machinery? What does importing equipment from abroad look like? What to consider when buying them? Is buying agricultural machinery online a good idea? With certainty on these and many other dilemmas they encounter people whose work is related to agriculture. For this reason, we have prepared this guide, in which we will try to answer the most bothering questions of farmers related to the purchase of agricultural machinery  .

Agricultural machinery: frequently asked questions

Below, we have provided answers to the questions that often arise when purchasing agricultural machinery. Of course, these are only tips, but they are based on the responses of other experienced people related to this industry. We hope you will find it helpful!

Is buying agricultural machinery online a good idea?

Unlike buying shoes or blouses, buying a tractor over the Internet is an expense of several dozen thousand zlotys. So it is not surprising that many farmers wonder if this is really a good idea. However, it is worth pointing to both the pros and cons of such a solution in order to have a full picture of the possibilities.

What are the advantages of buying agricultural equipment online?

The most important, which is certainly indicated by the most people, is the price, because it is often much lower than in stationary stores. Another issue is the possibility of comparing several offers and time to think. While browsing a specific proposal, we can check the opinion on individual parameters or get tips from another person. We do not always have such comfort in stores.

What are the downsides to buying agricultural machinery online?

Many people, however, prefer to see a given product “live” before deciding to buy. In this case, a good solution is to contact a given store or seller and arrange a presentation. Professional points certainly provide this opportunity.

EU subsidies – when is it best to use them?

There is no clear answer to this question, because it all depends on many factors, such as the size of our farm or the place where it is located. However, it is worth remembering that the safest solution is to buy agricultural machinery after receiving a positive decision from a given office, rather than assuming that the funds will be granted.

Importing a machine from abroad: is it a safe solution?

Importing machinery agricultural foreign solution is often practiced. It happens that in Europe we can find real bargains that, despite the additional costs, in general will save us additional funds. If we decide to make such a purchase, it is worth remembering that:

      • decide to use an intermediary – if I do not know what formalities should be met;
      • check the database of stolen vehicles – unfortunately it happens that someone wants to profit from our ignorance;
      • verify the technical condition of the machine – this will allow you to avoid costly repairs for which, for example, we were not prepared;
      • check the documents carefully – it is extremely important, especially when there is a language barrier, the help of an interpreter will be a must.

In the last step, if the purchase is successful, you should register the machine in Poland.

Buying agricultural machinery: what else is worth remembering?

No matter what machine you buy and at what amount, it is very important to remember the following tips to avoid disappointment.

First: check the seller

Buying agricultural machinery from private individuals is not always a good idea. Before we decide on any transaction, it is worth checking what “history” a given seller has. The opinions of Internet users will certainly help in this matter.

Second: compare prices

It happens that some stores may have a seasonal promotion for the machines, so we can save an extra sum of money. It is therefore a good idea to check a few outlets before deciding to buy a specific agricultural machine. In this matter, the Internet will certainly be the perfect support.

Third: remember the quality

Often, when shopping, we only pay attention to the price. As a consequence, we buy things and equipment that fulfill their functions only for a while. If we want the machine to work as long as possible, it is worth choosing quality as the main parameter.

Of course, there are many more issues related to the purchase of agricultural machinery, but above we have indicated those aspects that are certainly the most important, so it’s worth taking them into account. We hope that our tips will allow you to make safe and satisfactory purchases, which will make the coming season profitable.