Anställda från Polen är ett bra alternativ

Workers from Ukraine are a good alternative

How to hire a good and cheap worker – workers from Ukraine are a good alternative. Employers are constantly looking for savings. In this process, it is important that the implemented solutions do not reduce the quality of services and do not adversely affect the functioning of the company, as well as its reception by potential customers.

So how to introduce cheaper solutions without losing what is most valuable? Is it possible to maintain an appropriate level of service, guarantee a fully valuable product, while cutting costs? Some employers decided to take a step that some considered very risky. In order to reduce the costs of remuneration, employers decide to employ labor migrants from Ukraine. Are they satisfied? Are their experiences positive and would they repeat such a solution in the future? How is it to work with foreigners? How do customers perceive it? And is hiring an employee from Ukraine actually a cheaper alternative?recruitment of workers from Ukraine ?

Ukrainian workers cost less

The salary of an employee from Ukraine is usually much lower than that of a Polish employee. His expectations are also lower, it is easier to satisfy him financially than an employee from our home country. This is mainly due to the situation in Ukraine. There, for the same as in Poland, employees often receive less than half of the wages they could receive in Poland. It is a big profit for them and hope for quick achievements. Even lower wages are satisfactory for employees from Ukraine. This is often used by employers, seeing here a field for their own savings. Employees from Ukraine come to Poland to earn money, they want to work a lot and earn quickly. They are work-oriented, so they decide to work overtime, with extended hours, on weekends and on public holidays. For employers, such an employee is a treasure, pure profit. If they are still qualified and can be trusted.

Good cooperation with employees from Ukraine

Hiring foreigners can seem quite stressful for an employer and can involve a lot of concerns. Will it not be difficult to communicate? Will the emerging language barriers not affect the quality of cooperation? Of course, working with immigrants is different from working with employees from one country, but when employees come from one culture, it is much easier to find a thread of understanding and get rid of differences or fears. Ukrainian workers have similar values ​​to Poles. They have a similar mentality, are extremely open-minded and often associated with Poland through their roots or family histories. They often speak Polish fluently and flawlessly, thanks to which they are not only easy to communicate with, but also great when dealing with clients. The cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian employees is good, and there is a good atmosphere at work. This is a very important aspect and employers often take it into account. After all, a pleasant working atmosphere improves efficiency.

Is it easy to find a Ukrainian employee?

Employees from Ukraine they often register with employment agencies and look for a potential employer through them. So do entrepreneurs. To find the right employee – qualified, with extensive professional experience, with the required skills, who speak Polish at a communicative level, they often use the help of agencies. It is a quick, trouble-free and proven solution. Employment agencies ensure that employees hired through them have all the necessary documents. Thanks to the agency, the employer does not have to worry about formalities. The agency makes sure that the employee who comes to work in Poland for more than six months has all the necessary, valid permits. It is worth knowing that the employment procedures for employees coming to work in Poland from Ukraine have been greatly simplified.

Workers from Ukraine urgently needed

There are industries that particularly appreciate the help of workers from Ukraine and which are constantly based on employing immigrants from beyond the Ukrainian border. There are already over 3 million workers from Ukraine in Poland who came to our homeland for decent work and better wages. Most often it employs workers from Ukraine in the trade and production industry. Ukrainian employees have a good command of Polish, which is why they are great in contact with the customer, they are good at serving customers in the store or at the market. But it is also worth noting that employees from Ukraine are also willingly employed in international corporations, as well as in the hotel and tourist industry. However, their services are most often used by entrepreneurs who are looking for cheap seasonal workers needed for peak work, for periodic work.

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