Z jakich usług stomatologicznych w Warszawie warto skorzystać?

Which dental services in Warsaw are worth using?

Which dental services in Warsaw are worth using? There are many reasons why you should visit a dentist. The primary one is, of course, toothache. In such a situation it becomes clear that there is a problem with our dentition. However, few people like to visit the dentist’s office.

As a result, not everyone goes to annual check-ups. This translates into an increased risk of complications. If the doctor does not detect the problem early enough, there is a chance of a cavity or even complete loss of a tooth. Fortunately, the development of dentistry has meant that there are treatments that can even deal with such problems. When it comes to dental services, Warsaw has many experienced dentists who offer tooth reconstruction and putting on dentures.

What is tooth reconstruction?

If we are interested in dental services, Warsaw has to offer, among other things, a tooth reconstruction procedure. It consists in reconstructing a defect that has been caused by caries, root canal treatment or some mechanical trauma. Instead of completely removing the damaged tooth, the dentist fills its cavity and dentin with glass ionomers and a composite. From the patient’s point of view, such a procedure differs little from traditional filling. In the case of larger cavities, glass fiber is usually used.

Perfect for strengthening teeth. It is durable and allows you to give your teeth a natural shade. A one-time visit to the dentist is enough for such reconstruction. After its completion, it is not necessary to grind the restored tooth. This dental service is recommended by dental offices in Warsaw in the case of a weak crown, chipped, abnormal appearance of the tooth or the inability to use a standard filling. However, we must meet one key condition before such a procedure can be performed. The idea is to keep a sufficiently large part of the tooth as a base that will then be encased. Moreover, this method does not work as well for molars. This is due to the fact that they are exposed to much greater loads. Also the presence of a malocclusion or poorly hygienic oral cavity.

Are there other methods to rebuild our teeth?

Of course, there are other ways to rebuild damaged teeth. The dentist can use veneers, which are thin porcelain flakes. It puts them directly on the teeth and must then be attached. In this way, you can very effectively hide any discoloration, imperfections, dents, diastema or surface irregularities. With their help, it is possible to change the shape of our teeth. However, they require whitening and the elimination of inflammation in the oral cavity.

For this purpose, it is best to go to an office offering high-quality dental services in Warsaw. In addition to veneers, the dentist can use a prosthetic crown. It will provide a cover for the tooth and at the same time recreate its appearance. This method of strengthening allows it to function in the same way as a fully natural tooth. It is worth remembering that it is necessary to properly grind the tooth before installing it. This solution is characterized by high durability and aesthetics. Sometimes, however, the cavity is too large and a simple tooth reconstruction is not possible. Then you should decide on dental implants. With their help, we will deal with any major deficiencies in our teeth.

What are tooth implants?

Dental offices offering dental services in Warsaw may undergo a procedure called implant treatment. It involves implanting special implants that replace the tooth’s own root. This is a good way to deal with missing teeth. Such implants are made of pure titanium in order to maximize the process of joining metal with living bone called osseointegration. Without it, the next step of the treatment is not possible. Only when the implants are firmly seated can you proceed to placing the prosthetic restoration. During the procedure, the doctor surgically inserts implants into the bone of the alveolar process. They look like a sleeve or a screw.

The size of implants depends on many factors, but usually their diameter ranges from 3 to 5 mm, and their length is 7-21 mm. As they are made of titanium, they are able to provide sufficient strength to withstand the typical loads that natural tooth roots have to cope with. The type of prosthesis used will depend primarily on the size of the defect. In extreme cases, it may even be necessary to fully reconstruct the tooth. In no case do we have to worry about the unnatural appearance of such implants. All metal parts will be invisible. They will be completely covered by our gums. Only the ceramic surface of the prosthesis will remain visible. Not every facility offering dental services in Warsaw will be able to perfectly install dental implants. For this reason, it is best to go to an office with a good reputation. Most often, experienced professionals work in such places.