Tapety ścienne – jaką tapetę ścienną wybrać do pracy?

Wallpaper for walls – Which wallpaper should I choose for work?

Wallpaper for walls – Which wallpaper should I choose for work? We live in times when workplaces become extremely colorful and complex elements of our lives. Employers try to make the workspace not only productive, but also employee-friendly, according to the principle: a happy employee is an effective employee. So it’s no surprise that even something as everyday as wall paper can be used to improve our well-being in life.

Working full-time, we will spend at least eight hours at the workplace on weekdays. Most of this time we will be in one room where we take care of our main responsibilities. While working, we often accidentally look around in search of a moment of rest, inspiration for further work or simply aesthetic impressions. The right wall murals can make our eyes rest, at least for a short time, and a positive, fresh thought will come to our mind.

When planning the right environment for our employees or being an employee, trying to give the boss an idea to improve the quality of work, we can refer to several interesting psychological phenomena. Thanks to this, we will be able to choose the right wall murals that will harmonize with the seriousness of the workplace, our responsibilities or simply the interests of the entire team.

The first of these distinctions is the warmth and coldness of colors. This is a basic distinction in our world, it relates to the level of saturation and in what proportion the primary colors have been mixed. Currently, there is a trend on the market in which it is appropriate to face the customer, which means that we want them to feel comfortable and safe. We use the same technique in the case of employees, where more and more private enterprises declare friendly relations in the hierarchy and focus on the cooperative model. Wall murals for bedrooms   in warm colors are therefore more popular and this is where we most often invest, both in a small service enterprise and in the recreation room of a company employing hundreds of employees.

Nevertheless, cold colors will also work in some cases. There are industries where research shows that people focus on safety, certainty and seriousness. The most associated in common knowledge here are banking, legal and other companies dealing with things important for the client’s life. Cold wall wallpapers will then be associated with reliability and a serious approach to duties, which will give the customer a sense of security. However, nothing prevents the rooms in the back, where employees spend their time, from being decorated in a more friendly and relaxed way.

The cultural aspect will be the most important in the selection of wallpapers. The colors carry specific meanings that are recognizable to all members of a given community, regardless of their financial status and education. If we are talking about Poland, most of the meanings will coincide with Western culture, more specifically with the countries of Europe and the United States, which permeate the world of meanings.

Red and yellow wall wallpapers are clearly associated with fun, activity, energy, happiness and appetite. Yes, the appetite seems very out of place here, but on a very simple example, it can be seen that it has penetrated from the biological to the cultural realm. At the sight of ripe, red and yellow fruits, a person began to feel hungry, remembering the moment of the approaching meal. Currently, almost every fast-food restaurant has yellow or red wall murals, and also includes these colors in its logos. Just think of the first associations with junk food and you can immediately notice this trend.

Green and blue wall murals will have a common sense of relaxation, peace, security and harmony. Nevertheless, there is a fundamental difference between the two in the mentality of society, and it is worth using it in the workplace to your advantage. Green colors are associated with tradition, nature, ecology and family. Perfect wall murals will therefore include floral motifs or landscape murals. We associate blue colors more with development, security through technology, modernity, taking people into the clouds. It seems fun until we think about the most famous tech brands and their color themes.

Wall wallpapers will also include safe options for workplaces where customers come with different needs, preferences and requirements. Very certain solutions here will be light shades of beige, crimson, warm brown and wallpapers with geometric motifs. Thanks to this, we can reach the aesthetics of each client, without showing him specific motives and allowing him to complete everything.

One of the most important things when choosing a wallpaper is choosing the right material. Non-woven and glass fabrics will work well in any room that will come into contact with customers, ensure durability and ease of maintenance. Paper wallpapers that are less resistant to damage will be suitable for employees’ rooms where they will not be so exposed to damage.

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