Jak właściwie dobierać bieliznę damską?

How to properly choose women’s underwear?

Women’s underwear is a very important element of a woman’s wardrobe. Every day, a properly selected type of bra or panties can perfectly emphasize the figure, ensuring a great look. How to choose the right set?

Women’s underwear – comfort to wear, convenience and design

In the wardrobe of every woman, regardless of the age of preferences or tastes, there is a large part of it, which is women’s underwear .  It is the type of clothing that differs significantly depending on the needs. Some women prefer more sophisticated types of panties and bras with decorative ornaments, while others prefer single-color classics. The most important thing is that comfortable women’s underwear is a guarantee of comfort throughout the day.

Thanks to a well-chosen bra or special slimming panties, we can radically influence the appearance of our figure. A figure that will take on completely new, attractive shapes. That is why it is worth taking this into account and choosing the type of underwear that will meet all our needs and criteria.

Problems with choosing a bra. Which bra to choose? Problems with abundant breasts, how to find a bra?

When we mature and the adolescence of our lives comes to an end, very often the breasts stop growing as well. Then it is worth choosing the bra size well. It is thanks to him that our silhouette will look beautiful and the shapes will be perfectly emphasized. Very often, a poorly selected bra affects the limited comfort of movement. Too tight wires supporting the breasts make many women feel pain. A frequent problem among women is choosing too small a bra – too small cups for too large breasts.

Then it happens that the bra is not able to support the entire weight. In such cases, it is worth considering choosing a bra with a frame – built-up, which will support the breasts more firmly than ordinary thin straps. A great solution is also to buy a bra with wider straps, which can be put on the back in a criss-cross fashion. Then it is much easier to deal with the previous drawbacks.

There are many different types of bras on the market – more or less decorative ones. Every woman, regardless of age, can find something for herself, which will ensure complete wearing comfort, and at the same time allow you to beautifully emphasize the shapes.

How to properly choose panties? Which ones should you decide and what should you remember?

Choosing the right women’s underwear also means choosing specific panties. There are many solutions here. Some women prefer slightly more built-up panties, for example briefs, women’s boxer shorts or panties with compression leggings, which will make the figure look slimmer when we wear a dress on such a set. Other ladies, on the other hand, prefer panties a bit more cut in the form of thongs.

There are many possibilities in both cases and every lady will find something for herself. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that women’s underwear what panties are also should be comfortable. Panties should be made of high-quality materials that will not in any way adversely affect the health of women, having contact with her reproductive system. The materials should also not be covered with any chemical layer so as not to cause irritation or infection. It is worth bearing in mind these elements when choosing your underwear.

There are many types of materials from which panties are made on the market. A large group of women, however, decide on a proven material, which is cotton. Preferably cotton, which is not bleached, In addition, many panties have slightly more decorative elements, colorful mesh or stripes that give the underwear a special character. In turn, for women.

Women’s sports underwear is a great solution for all those who practice sports

Another type of women’s underwear worth mentioning is the one intended for sports. Panties and bras made of materials that allow perspiration to the outside. Prepared especially for the needs of people practicing sports in the gym, outside or in the sports hall. It is also worth considering thermoactive underwear, which will be perfect in the autumn and winter period, when the temperature outside will drop dramatically.

Then many people also practice sports such as running, cycling, skiing and snowboarding. Then it is worth getting the right thermoactive sports underwear. which will make it much easier to keep in shape by doing physical activity even at very low temperatures. Thermoactive sports underwear will also be perfect for people who do not do sports, but in winter they feel a lot of discomfort when it comes to weather conditions. Then also panties or a sports bra will be an adequate and comfortable choice.


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