Laptopy do gier

Gaming laptops


Until a few years ago, it was described as an invention for the richest. Others argued that it was an unnecessary expense, and still the best are “tin”, or gaming desktops . What is this about? They stand hand in hand with their stationary colleagues about gaming laptops , which are extremely popular in recent times and in their performance. 

Nevertheless, people who want to enjoy a high-quality game are wondering when buying: stationary or maybe mobile? Maybe a gaming laptop is still not it? I think that here you need to think about both options and choose the one that suits you best, depending on your preferences.

Both options have their strengths and weaknesses . It would seem that the winner will be a doomed in the laptop-to-plate match. Nothing could be more wrong. For the person who needs hardware that takes up little space, a gaming laptop is a godsend. At first glance, it takes up less than a desktop computer. And despite the fact that the smaller inside is just as crazy as its bigger colleague – the staff of engineers have perfected laptop parts over the years, thanks to which they are in no way inferior – both in terms of performance and price. We are not surprised by another model of a gaming laptopin a computer store of popular brands. Each of them compete to create the perfect laptop. And they are doing quite well.


However, we have to pay a bit more for smaller sizes. However, these are not prohibitive amounts that will not allow us to enjoy the game on a laptop – good quality equipment can cost about three thousand zlotys. Of course, we will find cheaper and more expensive models, and it all depends on our needs. Mobility is a definite advantage of the laptop. Thanks to this seemingly small advantage, a sea of ​​possibilities opens up before us.

Mobility means that we can enjoy playing our favorite games from virtually anywhere in the world, as long as we have access to electricity and the Internet there (in some cases). Compared to “tin plates” gaming laptops are energy-efficient, which benefits our electricity bill. Energy efficiency is also useful when traveling, where, for example, by using little electricity, we can play on the trains at will. Mobility and small size also have their disadvantages .

The first one is the basic one, and it is most often considered by future owners of gaming laptops is that a laptop has much more limited upgrade options as compared to a desktop computer. You can’t easily add RAM here. Often, modifications mean replacing a large amount of software and components. If we compare a personal computer to a gaming laptop with similar specifications and similar much performance, the former will probably be cheaper. We do not consider the purchase of additional accessories, such as: a monitor, keyboard, mouse or speakers that are already built into the laptop.

However, we can take advantage of these small upgrade options in the laptop. By thinking ahead and looking at what we need now, we can predict how the game requirements will develop, and choose the hardware so that any modifications will still give us quite good hardware performance. We also can not cross on a gaming laptop. Currently, there are a lot of models on the market that can be played with the same good effect as on a desktop computer. These types of machines will easily handle the games that appear in the coming years.

If we already decide to buy a  high-end gaming laptop , the field of our choice does not narrow down at all. There are lots of new things to keep in mind. Because with more expensive equipment, the details are the most important. Many looking for their perfect hardware have come across the term SLI or Crossfire.

What is it actually? This describes the technology that allows two identical graphics cards to be connected. Because yes, it is possible. And now, SLI stands for nVidia units, and Crossfire stands for AMD. What does having two graphics cards give us? Increase the performance of your gaming laptop.And what goes with it, and the prices. In the case of people who already reach for top-shelf products, this expense will quickly pay off in the form of long hours spent playing at the highest level.

Does price play a role? The answer will be extremely diplomatic – it depends. Everything can be bought. The question is whether everything is needed now. What is also the price limit for the purchase of a gaming laptop? You can buy equipment for two and thirteen thousand and have a lot of fun on both. A lot also depends on the games we play.

Many of them don’t have great demands. However, if we invest in the right quality of colors and we pay attention to details, we should invest in a good graphics card. Combining it with the appropriate components will create equipment that will be fun for the next few years, and will be efficient enough to meet the ever new requirements of the current games celebrating their premieres.

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