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Retirement homes

Retirement homes – where to spend the end of life? In Poland, the number of elderly, sick and requiring care, usually 24 hours a day, is growing. Not everyone has family and loved ones who can provide the necessary care and companionship. Today’s youth work more than 8 hours and live in a hurry, unable to take care of their sick grandparents. Not always.

Caring for the elderly is not easy, it requires sacrifices and not everyone can afford it. Many people prefer to travel and spend time with friends rather than weak family members. In this case, a nursing home, also known as a nursing home or nursing home, is the solution. These places not only provide care for the elderly, but also accompany people of a similar age.

Nursing homes – what facilities are available for seniors?

Nursing homes vary in standards, occupancy and management styles. The two main types of care homes are state-owned and private.

State Nursing Homes – These are state-owned facilities, and their standards are often lower than those of private owners. Nursing homes are located in every city and accept people registered in the city or municipality where the nursing home is located. They recognize people who, due to their age and the lack of a close and willing family, cannot survive on their own and need constant care. Unfortunately, you have to wait months or even months to get into a state-run nursing home.

The number of applicants exceeds the centre’s capacity, so there is little immediate visibility of interested parties. The cost of accommodation in state institutions is regulated by law and is borne by him or his immediate family. The price depends on the amount of the pension and the income of family members.

The situation in state centers is completely different. Each of these centers must meet the basic needs of the residents, i.e. provide food, medical care and help in keeping clean. Seniors, depending on the resort, live in rooms for 1-4 people. Nurses and carers take care of their health, and doctors are on duty. It provides the necessary rehabilitation for the elderly, conducts group and gymnastics classes, organizes fun sessions for guests.

Private residences for seniors – such centers are sometimes very different from state institutions. They often look more like hotels than retirement homes. The downside is the high price, because you have to pay for several or even thousands of months of accommodation. Nursing homes of the highest standard offer individual rooms, well-equipped, healthy, balanced meals, constant care of doctors and nurses. As part of entertainment, seniors organize trips, concerts, fun meetings, and the center offers gyms, saunas and more.

Due to the high price, you don’t have to wait long, you usually get it a few days after choosing the center. Seniors can bring cats or dogs, which is not allowed in state resorts. There are also a few sub-standard private resorts with lower prices and good condition. Many of them are located in a quiet, green area where you can relax.

How to choose a nursing home?

Choosing a center where a loved one will spend the rest of their lives is not an easy task. It’s best to do it together, and seniors decide where to live. It is best to choose a place close to the family so that both parties can visit each other. It is important to check the conditions carefully and talk to tenants and childminders.

Sanitation is important and you should check that the facility maintains cleanliness, provides a healthy diet and medical services for the elderly. If there are any restrictions on this, is it worth visiting seniors all day long? On the Internet, you can often find reviews about a given resort, which you can read to determine the right choice. If the nursing home is private then there must be a license which is also a cause for concern.

Nursing homes – is it a good solution?

The fall of life is best spent with immediate family members who provide support, companionship and assistance in daily operations. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, in which case nursing homes are an advantageous solution.

Sometimes the old man decides to live there alone. They prefer this solution to living with families who are rarely at home. Thanks to this, they do not feel lonely, they have company and entertainment in the nursing home. Nursing homes are also a beneficial option for patients who require constant care by nurses but find it difficult to provide them with good conditions at home.

The decision to live in a care home should be made with the elderly and older people must not be sent there against their will. It is important not to forget those who live in the resort, to visit them regularly and, if possible, to invite them home for holidays or vacations.

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