Jak wybierać sukienki na różne okazje?

How to choose dresses for different occasions?

Choosing the right dress for a specific occasion is often very difficult. Women, who want to look as best as possible, are looking for an exclusive dress , but perfectly fitting into the convention of the event in which they are going to participate. Sometimes the perfect dress is associated with many hours of searching in stores. It is worth knowing the basic rules of choosing a wardrobe to shorten this search time.

What cut of the dress should you choose?

Both exclusive dresses as well as the more everyday ones, come in various cuts and styles. Over the years, as fashion has evolved, dresses have evolved significantly. The ones that are presented today by fashion designers are various modifications and conglomerates of various styles. Apart from the fact that there are different styles, dresses are made of various materials that are often completely different from each other.

The material used, right after the cut, has the most important influence on how the dress will look. This is due to the fact that each material is arranged a bit differently, and its arrangement on the body can make the dress look completely different on a given woman than on a store hanger. It is worth mentioning that the material and style of the dress should be selected according to your body type. This has a significant impact on the final visual effect.

For example, A-line dresses have very narrow shoulders, and they widen downwards. Such a procedure makes them perfect for a woman who has wide hips and her waist is not as narrow as she would like. A dress in this style will perfectly cover any imperfections. It may come in a relatively short version, so as to reveal more of the bottom, or in a version in which it completely covers the legs. Many exclusive dresses are sewn in this fashion because they look very effective.  Some dresses in this style are suitable for a corset underneath them, which will visually narrow the waist.

Women who have a relatively narrow waist should be interested in X-line dresses. This is a very popular solution because such dresses are quite universal. In this cut, dresses for various occasions are actually sewn – from weddings to dresses suitable for everyday wear. The dress in this style is made so that it is quite loose in the shoulders, and tapers towards the waist.

Then it widens again so that it is relatively loose below the hipline. This cut was very fashionable in the 1950s, but it has become timeless and is still in use today. The Y line is a less popular cut. These are dresses that are appropriate for balls and lofty parties. They have unnaturally broad shoulders and taper downwards to expose the hips and legs. Lots of exclusive dresses It is sewn in this cut because they are very dignified and elegant, but they are certainly not universal and are not suitable for every occasion.

Women with a slim body can look for dresses that are sewn in line I. These are simple and very narrow dresses, so only women with an impeccable figure will look good in them.

How to choose the right color?

In addition to choosing the right cut, color is also very important. There is actually a far-reaching liberalism among the ladies here, because the dresses are sewn in various colors. These can be solid colors, as well as dresses with specific patterns. Wanting to buy an exclusive dress for an official occasion, it is better to choose a classic choice, which will be a dress in a subdued, uniform color.

White and black colors and their shades are universal. However, by choosing a simple cut of the dress, you can properly use any color, because the minimalism of the dress cut will harmonize with almost any color of the fabric. It is generally accepted that in the spring and summer season it is better to wear cheerful, bright colors, while darker shades should be left for the fall and winter season. Of course, events in a loose format, such as carnival parties, allow for any, even the most extravagant, color experiments.

Selection of styling accessories

If you want to complete the whole styling, it is worth considering what accessories you will wear. Here it is very important to match the colors so that everything fits together. Do not combine the same colors in different shades. While there are exceptions to this, it is a general rule that usually works. Better to bet on contrasting colors.

For example, for a dark dress, it is worth choosing a white handbag or scarf. It will correspond perfectly with each other. It is worth paying attention to choosing all accessories for the dress, including shoes, a belt, a scarf or a scarf, and even a watch strap.

Exclusive dressesThey will surely acquire a unique character if all accessories are perfectly matched, just as they can quickly lose it when accessories are not right. At the very end, you also need to think carefully about the selection of jewelry that acts as the icing on the cake and complements the look of any styling.


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