Wady i zalety związane z korzystaniem systemów fotowoltaicznych

Advantages and disadvantages of using photovoltaic systems

Advantages and disadvantages of using photovoltaic systems. It has been known for a long time that the sun is an invaluable and, above all, impossible to exhaust source of energy. No wonder that more and more companies treat photovoltaic systems (assembly and sales) as the main source of income – especially since more and more people are interested in them, and they themselves are becoming cheaper. 

But is it really worth investing in? What do you have to take into account, what are their advantages and disadvantages? You can read about all of this in our article.

Advantages of investing in photovoltaics

There is not much to say here – companies offering photovoltaic systems (assembly and sales are right in the fact that they are a very future-oriented technology. Well, more and more often it is said that it can replace traditional and known to all sources of electricity, so negatively affecting our planet. There is a reason for everything, however, and the following advantages go hand in hand with solar collectors, such as:

  • economy – this is the main aspect by which most people opt for solar collectors at all; thanks to them, in the warmer months, especially in summer and spring, you can completely get rid of the cost of electricity; also in winter, the sun can shine very intensely (although much shorter) and reduce electricity bills;
  • environmental friendliness – using solar energy, which is renewable and which cannot be missing, is something very ecological. Other sources of energy will eventually run out, and using the sun can provide plenty of it not only for us but for future generations;
  • failure – free – the technology on the basis of which photovoltaic systems are made is so advanced that this equipment never breaks down – at least this is what research and practice say. It is certain that they can last for decades;
  • no need for maintenance – we install the collectors in a convenient place, even very far from our hands (for example on the roof) – we do not have to clean or repair them (see above), so after installing them, we can enjoy their positive effects; collectors are not equipped with any moving parts which are the most common cause of failure of most devices;
  • possibility of earning – if we live in a particularly exposed place and we generate more energy through solar collectors than we need in our daily functioning , we can – on the basis of a contract with the supplier – sell surplus to the public grid, earning on it or reducing future bills for electricity (which are natural in the winter and autumn months, when the sun does not shine very often). It does not require running your own business , but only applying for a permit; Therefore, we can not only save, but also earn on collectors – so it is worth considering their installation in larger quantities.

Photovoltaic systems – the main disadvantages

When deciding to use the services of experts who specialize in photovoltaic systems (assembly and sales), we must be aware that they are not perfect and will not work in absolutely every case – or at least not to the extent that they can be advertised. . Their main disadvantages include:

  • dependence on the sun – solar collectors only function when the sun is shining outside, and not when – as many believe – “the weather is fine”. Even a little cloud is enough, and their efficiency decreases – so we cannot fully rely on them, especially since there are weeks of cloudy weather;
  • high initial cost – although companies dealing with solar PV systems (assembly and sales) ensure that the initial cost can be reduced by using discounts and rebates granted by the state, and this is true, they are still a very large and demanding investment that not everyone can afford let;
  • space requirements – when investing in collectors, we must be aware that we can not always install them on the roof (although this is usually the case) – it depends on the arrangement of the roof windows, but even a chimney can be an obstacle. So then we need free space for installation.
  • operation only during the day – collectors only function during the day – which is quite obvious. So if they fail to collect the energy surplus when the sun is shining, in the evening and at night, we will simply not be able to rely on them.


As many companies offering photovoltaic systems (assembly and sales) assure, they are something worth investing in – especially when looking at the energy market and constantly rising electricity prices. However, it should be said that solar collectors, even if they are something that works perfectly, depend entirely on insolation – and this in turn is conditioned by weather conditions, but also the area in which we live. If there are a lot of trees next to our house, it may turn out that we will not use the whole tree as efficiently as we previously thought.