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Artificial flowers – what is their use in interiors?

Artificial flowers – what is their use in interiors? When arranging interiors, one of the issues that we pay attention to is the selection of appropriate vegetation. Usually, we choose live plants, but recently artificial flowers have been a popular solution. Although they have not very good associations and may evoke the impression of putty, there are really delightful solutions on the market. It is worth considering the purchase of artificial flowers and see what their use is.


Artificial flowers like live

As mentioned earlier under the slogan “artificial flowers”, many people imagine poor-quality products that visually have little to do with beautiful plants. However, modern technologies and the best quality materials have meant that the products in the stores perfectly imitate living plants . As a result, more and more often in homes, offices and other public spaces, you can find artificial flowers that look almost like living, and the differences can only be observed when touched.

Advantages of artificial plants 

Although artificial flowers are often criticized, many of their advantages can be distinguished. Unlike their live counterparts, they neither absorb UV radiation nor purify the air. However, despite this, they can be a perfect interior decoration. It is worth noting that artificial plants are primarily favorable to allergy sufferers and people struggling with various allergies.

They do not produce pollen, nor do fungi develop on them. In addition, a very important advantage is that you do not need to take care of them. This is especially important when the household often travels away or does not have time for their plants. Some people simply do not have a heart for flowers and are unable to care for them properly. Artificial plants look great despite the lack of time and everyday rush.

Another important issue worth mentioning is the lack of suitable conditions for plant development. Flowers won’t catch on everywhere. Frequent wilt, withering, etc., makes subsequent specimens of the favorite species very quickly unsuitable for display. In such a situation, the best solution is to choose artificial flowers. They will decorate the room regardless of the conditions prevailing in it. They will always look impressive.

Artificial flowers are really extremely resistant to all mechanical factors. They will look like new for a long time.

A selection of artificial flowers

As in the case of live flowers, also in the case of artificial flowers you can find a lot of different species and types. There are many patterns and they faithfully imitate live flowers. It is worth noting that plants can be made of various materials, such as silicone, silk, etc. In stores you can find examples resembling wild plants or potted flowers.

To choose the best species, first of all, it is worth deciding what kind of atmosphere you want to create in your rooms. Some people prefer to introduce a bit of exoticism to the interior, so they can successfully opt for aloe or cactus. Fans of a warm, cozy atmosphere can arrange ferns, orchids or lavender in their home. There are many possibilities and everyone will certainly find the best solution for themselves.


Artificial plants can be easily adapted to the interior design. On their basis, you can create truly stunning decorations. Due to the fact that there are practically no restrictions, the living room can be easily turned into virtually any corner of the world.

In which rooms should artificial flowers be placed?

Artificial flowers can be placed in virtually any interior. Undoubtedly, they will work great in a bathroom with specific conditions . Low light and high humidity are factors that can hinder or even prevent the growth and development of living plants. Subtle, delicate and interesting artificial plants placed in the corners of the bathroom will certainly enliven the interior and bring a lot of freshness.

The kitchen is a perfect place for artificial flowers. There are not the easiest conditions there. Cooking and baking can make the room really hot. Artificial flowers, unlike the living ones, are perfect for them. In addition, plants of this type can also be placed in corridors, offices or rooms. It all depends on the owner’s needs and wishes.

Artificial flowers are a real hit! Although until recently they were associated only with putty and were mainly used to make bouquets and decorations that were supposed to decorate graves, today they are a great addition to any arrangement. They are characterized by many advantages, moreover, they are visually very attractive and the differences between them and live specimens are practically imperceptible. In conclusion, it is worth noting that artificial flowers are available in both cut and pot versions, thanks to which they can be used to create truly unique arrangements.