Dlaczego warto zainwestować w rekuperację?

Why is it worth investing in recuperation?

The combination of a recuperator and a heat pump is a solution that is perfect in the current fight for heating systems characterized by high efficiency, effectiveness and an optimal financial balance. Why is recuperation and heat pumps a very good combination? How to prepare for the combination of a heat pump and a recuperator? We will try to answer these and many other questions in this article.


Recuperation – what is it?

Recuperation is otherwise known as mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. Traditional ventilation called gravity is based on the intake of air produced by chimneys. The classic solution has many disadvantages – in particular, we are talking about a significant cooling of the house and ineffective removal of moisture from the rooms. Recuperation is mechanical ventilation, so it is based on the movement of air produced by the machine, i.e. the recuperator. The recuperator allows you to control the movement of the air removed and supplied from the rooms as well as heat recovery. The recuperator collects dirty air and then converts it into clean air. It is an extremely efficient solution, therefore more and more Polish families decide to install a recuperative system.


Recuperation and heat pumps – the most important information

What exactly is recuperation? It is worth knowing that the recuperator is a special unit for mechanical ventilation. The recuperation system is responsible for the fulfillment of several extremely important functions. First of all, it forces the air circulation needed to ventilate all rooms in a given property. In addition, the recuperator is responsible for recovering heat from the used air, exhausted from the house, and then transfers it to the fresh air, which is blown inside the rooms. Another very important advantage of investing in recuperation is the constant filtering of all air that is blown into the house along with the removal of excess moisture in the building. The last of the above-mentioned advantages is very important, first of all, in currently constructed real estate, which are characterized by a high level of tightness. This can in turn lead to too much humidity in the house. And as you know, such conditions are a real paradise for the development of various fungi and molds. Recuperation and heat pumps will ensure that we will never have to deal with this problem .

Air exchange between the house and the outside environment is very important, above all, during the winter – if we did not have a recuperator, we would have to open the windows and let in cold air. This, in turn, would cause us to waste valuable energy, and as a result our bills would be much higher. That is why the use of a recuperator is very important when we want to save on heating costs of our apartment or house. Heat pumps, in turn, are devices that allow the use of renewable energy. The source of renewable energy can be the ground, groundwater or surface water or atmospheric air.


Heat pump with a recuperator – is it worth it?

Combining a recuperator with a heat pump is a perfect solution, thanks to which we can save a lot of money. We will also gain a constant supply of fresh air at an optimal temperature that will ensure comfort for all household members. This solution allows you to make large operating savings on heating the building and at the stage of investment in a heat pump. Due to the fact that the recuperator uses filters of various classes, the fresh air supplied to the rooms in a given house or apartment will be cleaned of larger pollutants such as dust, insects or sand. The recuperator will also protect us from particulate matter (extremely important during the heating season, when there is smog in our area), soot or larger bacteria or allergens. The recuperator will provide us with the optimal amount of supplied and exhausted air, and at the same time there will be no need to open the windows in the apartment. We will never experience such comfort with gravity ventilation.


It is also worth being aware of the fact that the greatest heat losses in apartments and houses are related to the necessity of constant air exchange in all rooms. In the case of gravity ventilation, the exchange reaches up to 50%. Recuperative houses always have a lower energy requirement. The use of special ventilation with heat recovery ensures that energy losses are minimized and the efficiency of the heating system is maximized. The great advantage of investing in simultaneous recuperation and heat pumps is that we can save quite a lot when buying a heat pump. This is conditioned by the fact that at the investment planning stage, we can choose an energy source that will have a lower heating capacity. This is, of course, related to.

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